I want to change the gradient image under the title in individual posts

  • Jessica435


    My client loves purple, so I want the headers to all be purple. When you go to:

    http://www.nolimitationsblog.com you can see that the header for the individual posts are blue. How can I change that?



    I’m guessing you got this figured out? It looks pretty purple to me 🙂



    No, I haven’t figured it out. It’s the header that shoes up if you click on the category Poetry, for example and it’s blue.



    Ahhhh… I see. I missed that one.

    Okay, go to your admin panel. Click Appearance -> Graphene Options -> then click the “Display” tab at the top. Next, click “Colours Options”… and when this menu expands, look toward the bottom for “Archive Title”. This is what you want to adjust.




    Josh, Thank you so much! It worked! I really appreciate it!

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