I want to add a new social media icon

  • chester_419


    Hello, I love this theme! thank you very much!

    I would like to add a social media button for my profile on Reverbnation @ http://www.reverbnation.com/ to my “top bar” icons. Is there an easy way to do this?

    I really want it in the Top Bar, next to the rss icon, not anywhere else on the page. I just can’t figure out where to add new icons. dummy directions please, Thanks in advance!

    The page I’m working on is http://www.deadduckrecordings.co.cc/

    John McCubbin


    create a favicon for your site 32×32 to match the rest and go to graphene options — top bar options — choose custom media if using the 1.7 if previous version just when choosing new media icon put it in the profile URL and favicon location address in icon URL

    hope this helps



    Durp!!! Thanks, I got it. I knew it was gonna be easy. This theme Rocks! Thanks again, guys!!!

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