I upgraded Graphene and the badge ”Submit comments ” is gone !

  • Soulmate Searcher


    I updated Graphene to 1.6 and the badge ”Submit comments” is visible only on Google Chrome browser. There isn’t on Firefox and Internet Explorer… 🙁 I have two blogs with Graphene and I need comments.


    Syahir Hakim


    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.

    I can see the submit comment button just fine. Using Firefox:




    Well… After upgrading at Graphene 1.6. the button ”Submit comment” is vanished. Now, nobody see in Chrome and Explorer. Someone see in Firefox, someone dont see evan in Firefox.

    1. On the blog http://lecturirecenzate.ro/ I changed the comment form.

    2. On the blog http://zinnaida.ro/ can’t see the ”Submit Comment” button in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Or, I need comments from ALL my readers. Can you fixed that or not ?



    On, http://zinnaida.ro/ I can see the “Submit Comment” button in both Firefox and Chromium browsers..

    And, I think you’re not using the default wordpress comment system in http://www.lecturirecenzate.ro

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