I See a Flash of the horizontal computer scroll bar on every page load?

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    I see a flash of the horizontal computer scroll bar on the bottom of my WordPress page every single time the homepage loads or any other page of my site loads or I refresh the page. It is as if something is expanding and then fitting into position as the grey bar disappears in 2 seconds? Please visit my site so you can see the horizontal bar on page load/ page refresh, and let me know what you think. I have been trying to figure this out for about 4 weeks on my own with no luck 🙁 …. My website is (http://iamdentistry.com/)

    Someone told me this :

    The problem is that the CSS being linked in the head is that it tells the browser how to style each element as it loads.

    By putting the CSS in the bottom of the page the elements render with the initial settings and are then changed once the newer CSS finally loads.

    As for WP functionality that’s a different subject “

    More of what they said can be found here:

    But I still do not have or understand the way to fix this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    – Thank You


    Kenneth John Odle


    I think they are referring to the difference between an external stylesheet (such as is used in your child theme) and inline styling.

    The external stylesheet is causing something to be very wide, and then the inline styling is making it narrow. You have a conflict between those two items.

    Either that, or it is a JavaScript issue.



    I have been trying to solve this issue for more then a month already and I just cant figure it out, I am at a loss. What can I do to figure this out ? would you be able to help me in any way ?

    Thank you for your response



    Still cant figure this out 🙁


    Kenneth John Odle


    You have made a lot of modifications to your site, which makes it difficult to track down.

    Try disabling plugins to rule that out.

    If it’s not that, try removing anything you have added to the <head> element to rule that out.

    If it’s not that, try removing any custom CSS you have.

    Be methodical and you will be able to figure this out, but you may have to give up one or two modifications that you have made.



    I followed your advice and I found the reason ! Thank you for your tip it was really helpful.

    The issue was this code in my css

    /* MOVES facebook like button in footer */

    .facebooklike-title {
    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
    margin-left: 203px;
    margin-top: -54px;
    position: absolute;

    Any reason why ?

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