I “restore” images but slider doesn’t show it?

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    I delete all images and upload new one with ftp (different image names and sizes). I link all images to posts, then I import those images to Media and Regenerate thumbnails. But Graphene slider doesn’t show anything if I select some category?

    Thx, BR


    Syahir Hakim


    Try re-saving each of the posts/pages that are displayed in the slider.

    Marketing Master


    Unfortunately doesn’t work, only show text.

    Thumbs are in the same directory then original images and thumbs are 150×150 and 300×225 sizes, is this ok?

    Marketing Master


    All images in media were displayed as unattached, but they are showing in posts. I manually attached images to post links in media and now wok fine.

    Thx, for support.

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