I only want to configure in css custom ONE widget

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    Hi guys!

    I am having trouble to configure just ONE widget in the sidebar. See at http://www.chutecerteiro.com.br. I have the first widget, which is a banner, the name is “Publicidade”. Now, i don’t want it to be green and font color white. But I wnat to change only this widget.

    When i use firebug and css custom i can manage to configure the #text-3, which is inside the widget. But when i try to change the widget title, i have to change the whole .sidebar h3, and for that, all the widget titles change.

    I only want to change the “Publicidade” title. What do i do?

    Thanks in advance.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I answered this over here, but want to make sure you see it:


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