I need direction on four issues…

  • rklesc


    Hello, awesome theme and appreciate the time it must have taken to work through. Kindly advise how I might be able to find the following…

    1. I want to replace a graphic image for the text on the header showing the blog title but can’t seem to find a place to do that;

    2. I want to remove the “View full post” button from the slider images;

    3. What is the exact size of the unmodified full size slider image area; and

    4. How can I lighten the gray screen of the text area on the slider.

    I am almost ready to start loading content beyond my testing. Thanks much. Ray




    One more issue… is there any way to order the slides in the slider so they appear in the same order every time?




    I am still looking for some direction on my issues…

    The most critical for me is removing the “View full post” button and removing any link from the slider. Thanks.



    .block-button, .block-button:visited {

    display: none;


    if you add this css code to the bottom of the style.css file, “View full post” button will disappear.



    I managed to fumble my way through it and found workarounds for everything. Thanks


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