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    I have changed the status in this topic here:


    back to not resolved the issue is back again.

    I use the latest graphene version: 1.9.4 + optimizepress version

    The former CSS code that was recommended is still in place but apparently, it is not affecting anymore.

    Any idea how to solve this again?





    What have you done before the problem appeared again?

    If it was working before the recent graphene update then check out this link.


    This is working for me:

    .optin-box-6 .text-box {
    width: 92%;


    If it doesn’t then try this:

    .optin-box-6 .text-box {
    width: 92% !important;




    Before the problem appeared again I have updated Graphene theme to version: 1.9.4 and updated optimizepress to version

    I wasn’t able to see the image in the link that you have sent.

    Unfortunately, none of the CSS codes that you’ve attached worked.

    Any other ideas?


    Kenneth John Odle



    No point in changing it to unresolved since the topic is closed. We’ll just pick it up from here in this thread. (I’ve renamed it to something more appropriate.)


    The image you’ve linked isn’t coming through. Can you try posting it to something like imgur?



    This is the old image with the code `width: 92%;:


    I checked his site again and for me it is working (username and e-mail box have the same width). And the code is not even in effect.


    Try to hard refresh your site with STRG+F5. This must be a cache issue if it is working for me but not for you.



    Well I’m sorry. I was referring to a new page that I created (There is an optin form in the middle of the page and all the way at the bottom):


    Once I saw the short email field I mistakenly thought that the same issue reappeared

    without checking the former page.

    I apologize for that.

    So why this is happened again for this page?


    .post-meta .edit-post, .post-meta .post-date-inline, .print, .email {
    margin: 0px;

    These 2 entries were wrong: margin-left: 0px; and margin-right: 5px;

    If you only want to apply this for the e-mail box then use this:

    .email {
    margin: 0px;

    .post-meta .post-author, .post-meta .edit-post, .post-meta .post-date-inline, .email, .print, .post-format .edit-post, .post-format .comment-link {
    float: none;

    This entry was wrong: float: left;

    If you only want to apply this for the e-mail box then use this:

    .email {
    float: none;

    After all the changes above it will look like this:


    Do you want that 3rd field? What is it for? If you want it removed then do the following.

    Remove the CSS class #text-box or .text-box – I’m not sure which one so you gotta test and make sure you save your files before applying a change.

    Note: Do not remove #text-boxes because that’s the CSS for the entire box including e-mail, name, submit button, etc.

    Before deletion:


    After deletion:




    Make sure you backup your files before you edit them.




    Your solution worked perfectly.

    Thanks so much…

    As you probably understand, I didn’t created that code myself.

    this is done completely by optimizepress.

    As for the 3rd field, It is used for telephone number that I collect so

    I can contact the buyer in case he’s not completing the payment process later on. 🙂

    Thanks again so much.


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