I can't translate "Read the rest of this entry", "Leave comment", etc..

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    I tried many times to translate “Read the rest of this entry”, “Leave comment”, “Continue reading”, etc.. in Greek language.

    I tried with “CodeStyling Localization” too, but without luck.

    Please if you can help me with this. Your template is very nice and i want keep it.

    Thank you very much..



    First You need to run WordPress in Greek (What is the names for the two Greek WP language files?) , then if You dont have Greek language files for Graphene – copy English Graphene language files to the same “names” You found in WordPress. Then start editing strings with Codestyling or Poedit.



    I running my wordpress in greek language and some words in template are allready in greek language.

    But i can’t translate all other words like “Read the rest of this entry”, “Leave comment”, “Continue reading”, etc..

    In my wordpress folder i have for files: el.mo, el.po, ms-el.mo and ms-el.po. (In ms-el.po file, i found this “Read the rest of this entry” with translation but i haven’t idea how i see the translation in template).

    Please if you can tell me with very simple steps, like:

    1. step a step a,…

    2. step b step b,…


    Thank you for your time!



    Graphene Theme language files is here:


    1. Rename en_EN.mo & en_EN.po files to el.mo & el.po

    2. Then edit Your new “Greek” files




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