i can not see my posts on page

  • montgomer


    Yesterday, there was a problem, posts Did not seem to only on first page, than I fix it from grapine option (Front page options) , now there is the same problem but only on second page.

    what can I do?



    It would seem that you need to change the post date / time.

    If it is the site your account is linked to, I am guessing more content was added in front of it, edit the date/time of the post and you’ll be all set




    We were asked politely by the forum admin to read the forum rules. I have read them. Did you?

    I would suggest you set up another “test” site, and if you experience the same issue we will be happy to help you.

    I would also suggest you remove your website from your info in your profile here.

    BTW… you just copied and pasted your original question again? Really??


    Syahir Hakim


    Link removed from the user profile, and banned for 7 days for blatant disregard of forum rules with respect to objectionable materials.

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