I ask for help again

  • Concha Bernad


    hello Friend

    Again I ask your help because my blog does not work well. I want to change the colors of the blue to dark red. Activity in:

    – Graphene options – colors

    change colors – I give and I save saves. I did not get it done a pruba on another blog and have had great problems have changed. I do not understand.

    Why not save my changes?

    As I can solve?

    thank you very much. I hope your stories.

    a friendly greeting.

    Concha Bernad

    (written in Spanish and translated into English with Google)



    Fix your CSS

    #content-main, .container_16 .slider_post {
    width: 640px;

    Change your Colors this way

    Appearance -> Graphene Options -> Display -> Colour Options. Then SAVE CHANGES. After clear cache/history or press F5. It should update with changes.



    @Tee_888 from 1.6 onwards, one should avoid changing widths in CSS. (At least, not in px measurement.) Instead, they have to use the custom width feature in Graphene Display Options.

    Concha Bernad



    I would like to contact some expert on graphene

    who speaks Spanish, I want to make changes and do not let me. I would be most grateful

    a greeting

    Concha Bernad

    Concha Bernad


    Hello Friend

    I still can change the colors of the blog, does not save changes that I make the choice:

    theme options graphene – display-color options.

    Nor do I save changes to the text styles.

    In short it does not save changes I make.

    If you can help me I would be very grateful.

    a greeting

    Concha Bernad



    There is not an option in the graphene admin panel to change the post title colors. Instead, this can be accomplished through some slight custom css. Insert this into your custom css option in the graphene admin panel:

    .post-title, .post-title a {
    color: #FF0000;

    Change the hex color to whatever you like.

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