I am without being banned from the forum.

  • Mariana Bispo


    I am in order to know for what reason I’m being banned! I have always followed this forum, which has always helped me a lot. Now, when you really need help I am banned every time I ask a question: (I try to enter the forum page and a page appears saying that my ip was banned, and the ip number that appears is not mine .. by please really need help!


    Syahir Hakim


    You should be able to access the forum now.

    Mariana Bispo


    Thank you for the answer …. You know me know why he was being banned? I’m a little afraid to log into the site and take my doubt, because at any moment can be banned again for no reason



    Don’t be alarmed. I too have received the same message.

    I haven’t seen it today though. It seems to be fixed now. I think it was just a little “ghost” in the system.

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