I am so tired – i can't use 2.0.x – can't use my design

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    i was happy to see on my wordpress the Update 2.0.X so i tested it with my test WordPress Site.

    Then i was shocked, my design was i away.
    I was hours checking the new design settings, and …. i can recreate my old design, i have not the same design function – only the halfe of the design functions

    Can you bring back the old design functions?

    I did my design only with the graphene settings – i am not a pro designer or css specialist …
    (If pics are not here my host have Maintenance work today)
    That’s my design:

    So i had to do a rolleback to have my design….

    It could be also that i am blind, but where can i find these in 2.0.x?

    Thank you.


    Syahir Hakim


    You can find the colour settings in WP Admin > Appearance > Customize > Graphene: Colours.



    Yes, buts there are not the same settings …. i can only change 1 color and not 4 colors (example my pic – Top bar)

    here a screenshot – only 1 color not 4:

    I also want on left an right side a space by text, by sites und blog post:


    Syahir Hakim


    The top bar is now only using a single colour, hence why you’re seeing only one option. The gradient and border are no longer there.

    As for the padding around the post content, copy and paste the following code into Additional CSS:

    .singular .hentry, 
    .comment-respond {
       padding: 15px;



    Thank you for the Code. – I can use it now on my Test WordPress Page.

    I don’t understand why they use the name “Graphene” its a complete new Theme…. and i can’t use it not more on my professional website and can look now for a new one. That’s really sad – i loved graphene so much, for my test site its ok.



    I also agree the theme has changed a lot and lost many of it’s useful features. Maybe it would make sense to publish 2.x as a separate theme to give the web admins some time to fine tune it before the complete switch is ready, and then drop the support for 1.x. The upgrade didn’t work right out of the box, my web site looked quite different. I had to do a full restore and build a separate staging web site and now I am tryint to figure out what to do with 2.x because I would like to stay with Graphene for now.



    And I am so tired with CSS styles. I had so beautiful blockquote style but after first update I’ve lost it all.
    I tried to fix that and got something. Not beautiful but okay.
    After the last update I’ve lost even that.
    Problem: italic font-style, line-hight 32 px, big font-size (16px and bigger). After the fixing only font-size get 14px.
    But I don’t need italic styles or so big line-hight. I need my own styles!
    My posts now bigger than they must be: ms-jaguar.ru/prichiny-vozniknovenija-rasseyannogo-skleroza
    ms-jaguar.ru/pora-uvolnjat-psihologov (here I’ve change style directly in post, but it still so long…)

    Maybe I doing something wrong but I just can’t change CSS styles in .css file or additional styles.



    Agree about it being different
    It’s almost the same but
    the title header colours in widgets are different
    the default font sizes are different
    the default line spacing is different
    the column width control is different

    And no easy way to change them
    These are not esoteric functions
    These are the basic building blocks of the graphene 1 vs graphene 2 themes

    It looks like its a great idea and it will be good when it gets there
    How can we all help?


    Syahir Hakim


    Ladies and gentlemen, just stick with version if you do not wish to spend some effort to take advantage of the new features and capabilities of Graphene 2.0.



    Graphene 2 is not an Update from Graphene 1 its a complete new theme … dont know why you do not gave them a new name and said Graphene 1 is dead …

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