How would I reduce the height and font size of the standard graphene menu?

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    Hi there,

    I wpuld like to make the menu a little less blocky by reducing the size of the font and the height of the menu items. IS there an easy way to do this? I assume I can add some CSS?



    I’ve worked out how to change the font size and also the height of the menu, however, the menu text seems to have some padding on top, so I need to work out how to change that to prevent the text dropping outside of the menu area.



    I seem to have fixed this, but now I want to change the size of the container for the drop down menu items, any ideas what the CSS code for this is?



    Sorted it, this is the CSS I ended up using:

    ‘/* Menu modifications */

    /* changes menu font and size */

    #header-menu > li {

    font-size: 10pt;

    margin: 0 0 0 2px;

    height: 25px !important;

    padding 0 0px;


    /* moves menu to top of page and fixes it in position */

    #header-menu-wrap {

    margin-top: -161px !important;

    z-index: 15;

    position: fixed !important;

    width: 97% !important;


    #container {

    margin-top: 25px;


    /* reduces the height and font of the sub-menu items in the drop down */

    #nav .menu ul li a,

    #nav .menu ul li a:visited{

    padding: 5px;


    #nav .menu li ul ul {

    margin-top: -28px;




    With Version 2.0, these modifications no longer work, I’ve tried a few css changes but not much has any effect. Any suggestions as to how to get a smaller static menu.

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