How to write a line of text in the footer?

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    I want to write a line of text in the center of the footer area (the part that is all-black in color). Currently, this area contains the text “Return to top” and “Powered by WordPress…” on the right-side of the footer, and other text on the left-side of the footer that you can add through the general graphene options from the dashboard. You can see this on my website:

    I would now like to add a line of text in the middle, at the same vertical position as (i.e., on the same line as) the “Powered by WordPress…” text. How can this be done, if at all possible?



    Use graphene_copyright action hook and position it using custom CSS.



    Thanks for your response, Prasanna. This is my first time creating a website and I’m still learning things from scratch. Could you explain what you mean by a copyright “action hook” and “custom CSS”? Thanks.




    Thanks Kenneth, that was a great reference. I got it to work!

    I ended up placing a text widget within the “graphene_footer” action hook, and using the “padding” style to position the text, as so:

    <div style="padding: 37px 0px 0px 0px;">Sample Text Widget On Graphene-Footer Action Hook</div>

    You can see the result in the footer of the page at:

    By the way, is it a good idea to use “padding”? Is there another, preferred option?

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