How to use the gallery tag? And another thing about image alignment

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    First of all, thank you very much for this wonderful theme! I’ve been struggling to find a good one lately.

    I have only two issues that I want some help with if you guys have the time.

    1. I see here: that a “gallery tag” is mentioned. Can someone point me on guide on how to use it and how to add images?

    2. I have an issue with image alignment. While it works OK in my site in general , when I enter images with NO ALIGNMENT in PAGES (and only there), the images are aligned in the center. Any advice?




    1. You know, I haven’t used the gallery feature. But I think it’s a wordpress feature rather than a graphene feature. I believe the page in that link is just to show how it looks when creating a gallery. While you are on a page in the editor, click the button to insert an image. Then, if you scroll toward the bottom of that popup screen, you should see options for a “gallery” page.

    2. Are you wanting these images aligned to the left? Why not just define it in the editor when you insert the image?



    New post –> Upload?Insert –> Select files –> Save changes –> Insert Gallery

    It’ll insert [gallery] in your post. When you publish the post, you can see the gallery.

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