How to use a Ramdon Custom Header Image

  • jaztwo


    Hello! well I liked your theme is the one I use for my website. there is a very interesting feature which is to use a ramdon image for the header, but the bad thing is that can only be used with the images that come by default … there any way to use the images? I tried putting my images in the folder headers of the topic but did not work.



    Well one way is when you edit the page, check Your screen settings top right in admin,

    show thumnail and then insert picture as thumnail on right side. The picture size have

    to be equal to header (960x198px). Thats one way 🙂




    I did not understand very well … when I edit the page where?


    Syahir Hakim


    Basically what Kim was saying is that no, you can’t define your own images to be used for the random header images (not yet, anyway). However, the theme has another feature which you may use to somewhat achieve what you want.

    If you set an image that has a dimension larger than the theme’s header size (960×198 pixels) as the featured image for any post, that featured image will replace the header when the particular post is being displayed.

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