How to turn off the feat. that highlights menu item on header menu of the page u are currently on?

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    So by default whenever you click on one of the menus on the header menu, it will then highlight it and keep it coloured differently until you click some other menu. How can I turn this off. Like, I’ve seen one website where its turned off. So when you click on the menu item and as soon as hover out of it, it returns to back to normal. As an example I have seen it on this pages

    Is there something I can do on my child theme’s styles.css or functins.php.

    Any help is very much appreciated as I’m bit new to this and have not figured everything out yet. I’ve spent hours in trying to figure this out and it’s driving me nuts.

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    Kenneth John Odle


    That is the .current-menu-item CSS class that WordPress adds to let people know which page they are on.

    I think if you play around with this code in your child theme:

    #header-menu > li.current-menu-item {
    background: /* relevant items here */

    you can get it to match the other menu items. You may also need to define a style for the hover pseudoclass. I would suggest using Firebug (Firefox) or Developer Tools (Chrome) to work on this, because menus can be tricky. (On the plus side, if you master styling menus, everything else is a piece of cake.)

    This should get you started. Let us know how it goes.

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