How to stop image in post opening in new window when clicked

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    Hi guys. How do I stop an image in post from opening in new window when clicked. I also want to be able to stop someone right clicking and saving the image.




    To stop the link; when you insert an image into your post, simply delete the url reference on the insert screen.

    To disable right-clicking… I’m not really sure… as I find this feature pretty worthless. If someone wants your images, all they have to do is “print screen” or use any screen grabber software. If you feel you must have this… do a search for “javascript no right click” on the google.



    thanks josh


    Kenneth John Odle


    Or they can do a Google image search on your site, which brings up all your images. Or view your source code to find the image URL. If someone wants it, there’s no way to really stop them.

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