how to space header and top bar widgets

  • titti63


    I would be so grateful for some help on how to place a few header widgets in the header and top bar.

    Presently, any widget I add from the widget menu will be placed on the left corner of the header or on the left corner of the top bar. As a consequence any new widget overlaps on the previous one.

    For example, if I add a widget in the header it will overlap the orange logo image

    My goal is

    1. to add an contact/phone/ booking icon to both sides of the top bar with a layout similar to this website and make sure the widgets are nicely spaced.

    2. to add a search box to the right side of the header and style it with the colors and fonts of the rest of the website

    I have looked far and wide for a plugin which does this but I can’t find it and I have failed with custom CSS as I have not been able to find out the correct code.

    Thank you so much for any help!

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