How to show related post and comments under every page of my post article

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    Hi, i am fresher in WordPress and using your theme. Pls, can anyone tell HOW TO achieve this task. Display RELATED POST and COMMENTS under every of my post page. Is there any short code and how to use it. All plugins i have downloaded only display related post and comments at the sidebar. But i want it displayed immediately after my post articles ends.thanks



    You can try adding a footer widget:

    Go to Graphene Options, click on the Display tab, and scroll down to the Footer Widget Display Options. Set it to display at least 1 widget.

    Next, go to your widgets section, and you should have a Footer Widget Area in which you can place any of your normal widgets. They will appear under your comments section.

    If that doesn’t give you where you want, go to the advanced tab, and play around with the various Action Hook Widget Areas. Keep track of what you’re doing or you’ll end up with a mess…

    Hope this helps somewhat,

    Richard 🙂



    Try this plugin – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin –

    Mariana Bispo


    Good afternoon, I do not know if you will understand me in English, but come on!

    I have problem in my footer, I would put it divided into three or four columns, but unfortunately that is not being possible … I have been to theme options and moved to column view and nothing works. Could anyone help me? thank you very much

    Mary kisses




    @Mariana, feel free to create a new thread with a new question. Your issue isn’t necessarily related to the one this thread was created for.

    As for your query, can you post a link to your website so I can get an idea of what you are trying to do?

    Mariana Bispo


    thanks for the tip, I’ll create a topic Thankfully 🙂

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