How to shift Main Menu to the right

  • crosseydlobster


    I just upgraded to 1.9.2 and some things changed in my Main Menu. First of all I needed to remove the drop down arrows once again. With a bit of research I found that I had to change my child theme code from:

    #header-menu > > a {background: none}


    #header-menu > > a {background: none !important;}

    However, doing that messed up the alignment of my Menu items. I am currently using the code below to align but it is obviously not working due to the !important. Please help, thank you:

    #header-menu > li:first-child { margin-left: 50px;}



    Get rid of the above code and use this to remove drop down arrow.

    #header-menu > > a:before {
    content: none !important;



    Nice site BTW!



    Thank you that fixed it right away! Thanks for the compliment as well.

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