How to set up my front page posts to look like this website

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    Hi, I would like to set up my theme so that the posts appear like this website:

    Can you tell me how to go about it.

    Sorry for the novice question




    my site is pure-sauce. com



    Read this – How to enable Homepage Panes in Graphene Theme :

    (You’ve to create another page called “home” in that case, I mean, to hide welcome post)



    Thanks Prasanna!

    Can you tell me if I can remove the Home post completely from my home page (you can see on my front page).

    I just want to be able to see the slider and the homepage panes on my front page.



    Just add this to custom CSS

    .post-312 {

    (post-312 is the id of the “Home” page)



    Thanks again. How do I find out what the page or post ID is?

    For example the page ID for STORE page?



    Inspect with Firebug (Mozzila Firefox plugin), or source code.

    Page and posts ID you can find in admin panel under permalinks (when editing post/page), or if your permalinks are set by default you see ID in adress bar of browser.

    I like Firebug!

    For shop Id is 225.



    Thanks Luko!



    Just to expand on Luko’s statement:

    You can install a plugin which lists the page and post id’s. It’s a big timesaver when using plugins which require id numbers.



    Thanks Josh, will check that out.


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