How to set up multiple custom sliders

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    Firstly, thank you so much for the Graphene Theme – loving it. Already got a website designed with it:

    Now I’m trying to redesign another website of mine, the test link/site is here:

    As opposed to cinematicinspritions which I’m using as a blog, with, it’s really just a site to relay information to clients. I’m really just taking what I already have designed here,, and trying to make it look better.

    The point is, I plan on having static pages and one single post as a homepage that will rarely change. However, I want to be able to put several (5-8) rotating messages (text and possibly pic too) in the slider that will not relate to any pages or posts; i.e. it will be a completely separate message.

    I was reading your post here:

    But I’m still a little confused when you say “use a custom menu so that these pages do not display in your navigation.”

    So basically, what is the easiest, best way to accomplish this in the slider? Thank you.

    The Screenplay Services


    Figured it out.

    I created a custom menu, and just didn’t add the slider page(s), only the “Section” pages of my site.

    I deleted the black navigation bar which I found in another post. This removes the navigation bar when added to the Custom CSS Option under Graphene Theme Options/Display:

    #nav {
    display: none;

    Now I can create as many slider pages as I want… whoo hoo!

    Thanks again for the awesome theme!!!

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