How to remove "View full post" Button AND post title link in slider for only one post?

  • ATCler



    How can I remove the “View full post” button AND post title link (headline of the post) for just one post in the slider?

    All other posts within the slider should remain standard (=with button and link).

    Do I have to inseret the Post ID somehow?

    If yes, what code snippet must be inserted into the Custom CSS field (graphene Options > display)?

    Thank you in advance!


    Kenneth John Odle


    You’ll need to target the post ID along with the rest of the elements you are targeting.

    For example, this code

    #slider-post-1670 a {
    display: none;

    Removes both the title and the “Ganzen Beitrag ansehen” button in the first post in your slider.



    Hi, Kenneth,

    Thank you for quick response.

    So far works perfect, however, I would like to keep The title but without link

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