How to remove the "return to" link from the subpages

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    First of all, my appreciation to the creators of the graphene theme. Syahir, you did a very good job. Tons of gratitudes on top of it by making it available for free.

    Thanks to Prassana’s explanation, we know that the “return to” link automatically created on the subpages can be removed by adding the following lines to the Cutstom CSS:

    .parent-return {

    display: none;


    Never the less, it didn’t work for my page. I had to change it to the following to make it work:

    .parent-return {

    display: none !important;


    a.parent-return, a.parent-return span {

    display: none;


    I am not sure why it didn’t work with Prassana’s change, but adding this, the link does disappear.

    Hope this helps others too



    This did help; it should be enabled or disabled via the Graphene Options.

    Thank you, Manaow!

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