How to remove the page title from the page display?

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    I’m currently setting up a new site and one thing that I would like to change is the display of the page title within the page content. Any ideas how I would do this?




    .post-title {display: none !important;}


    .post-title, .post-title {display: none !important;}

    on your CSS file either in Child Theme or within the Graphene Options.



    Nope that did not work, I put it in the Style.css of the child theme



    Hi there,

    Have you tried:

    .post-title, .post-title a, .post-title a:hover, .post-title a:visited {display: none;}

    Just a heads up that use can use the (free) add-on Firebug for Firefox to isolate elements such as this. Josh Lobe has some useful You-tube tutorials on how to use Firebug. Ken also has an article on his blog, which can be found here.

    Hope that’s what you are after.


    Sharon 🙂



    Ah that worked, I located where the custom CSS entry was in the Graphene options and added it there and it worked, thanks. Thanks for the heads up on Firebug also, maybe one day I’ll have sufficient knowledge to use it.

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