How to remove the function of an action hook and thumbnail size

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    Hi, it’s me again. Sorry. My problem is that the I have the plug in seo tagging then I mistakenly placed it in the loop after post.I inserted the code using a plug in for a php and javascript widget. Then, when I realized it I think I just removed the check box in the graphene options without removing the code so the incoming search terms is displayed there. You can see it here.

    So how can I possibly remove that? I tried putting back the action hook but it is just empty and also I can add content to that area the only problem is I can’t remove the incoming search terms? Please help me.

    Oh, I almost forgot. How can I make the images to fit in the thumbnail? Thanks. I hope you can help me.



    No, it is not there. You’re probably seeing a cached page.

    When you deactivate an action hook, WP removes the widget associated with it and moves them to inactive widget area.

    You can change the dimension of the thumbnail at Settings –> Media



    Hi, thanks for the response. But it is still there. I saw it using a freshly installed Dolphin Browser HD on my phone. Please try to visit it and look at it. I can’t really remove that even if I deactivated the plug in. Thanks


    Syahir Hakim


    The list of incoming search terms under each post is not being added by the theme’s Action Hook Widget Area. If it is, it would be wrapped inside a <div> with the class graphene-dynamic-widget. The code for the list of incoming search term is not wrapped in any such element.

    Maybe it’s being added directly by the plugin?



    No sir it is not there when I first used it I suspect this thing happened when I put it there then I unchecked it in options without removing the php widget ?


    Syahir Hakim


    OK, try switching to the default TwentyEleven theme temporarily and see if it’s still there. This can definitively answer if it’s really the theme adding it there.



    Hi, it is still there. and now I just placed an infolinks code in the adsense options just to try it then when i removed it it is still showing so I’m stuck with it.. how do i fix that? thanks


    Kenneth John Odle


    Yeah, try deactivating the plugin.

    Where did you get this plugin? From the WP plugin repository? It seems like it altered your database.

    GIYF: see if anyone else is having problems with this plugin.



    I already did that as my first reaction to no avail. It seems like whenever I put something in an action hook it sticks..


    Kenneth John Odle


    So I just went back to your site to see if you were running a plugin that might be interfering. And guess what–I don’t see this issue anymore. Did you get it fixed? If so, how? If not, it’s probably because your server cache finally expired and we’re getting fresh files.

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