how to Remove Shadowing

  • mothership808


    hello, on the site my team is putting together, we are trying to have the header image fade into the background on the sides, but because of the shadow, i am unable to perfect it. is there a way to remove the shadow? site:



    You can remove the shadow for whole #container id like putting this in child-theme or custom css:

    #container {
    box-shadow:none !important;

    But, as far as I see it now, it’s completely unnecessary 🙂



    Thanks lol, its been a large work in progress, but what we had the idea to do, was take the header sides, and have it fade into the background slightly, to test the way that would look, but thanks anyways! i will probably keep the code in case we ever need it when we update our website to version 2.0, atm the website is scheduled for released on jan 1, but anyways, thanks again

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