How to remove previously uploaded header images?

  • raindance


    Ok I’m stumped. I installed, I uploaded some custom header images, and now I only want some of them. I deleted them from the uploads folder, and everything in the header folder. I looked in the db, don’t see them there. It brings up a blank header image for those items, but when I look in FF inspect element I can see that it still thinks that image should be there. So there are like 5 radio buttons for the missing images, no thumbnail of course, and no way to delete them? I’m sure I’m missing something obvious. I just want to delete the ones I don’t want there, surely there is some way to do that? I even uninstalled the theme, deleted all the folders I know of related, reinstalled and still…all those extra radio buttons in the custom header page with no thumb and no actual image associated with them, but loading a blank for the header on random. I have a ton of now customized headers I want to upload, but certainly they will change over time and I want to be able to delete ones I don’t want to appear anymore in the random order.

    I give up…help appreciated!



    I found the answer in the main WordPress forum…

    Have to go to Media tab in the main WP dashboard and all of the old images are there to delete.

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