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    I’ve created an affiliate product site using Graphene with child theme & I’ve copy-pasted the affiliate javascript code into the relevant homepage. However, when the products load into the page, the wide grey-styled borders from Graphene appear around the product images & also 1px grey borders to each product’s table cell.

    See for the grey borders that are Graphene-controlled — which I would like to remove.

    Not being very code-centred, I can copy-paste-edit-delete if someone can give me clear directions as to what code to adjust, & which files, to remove these borders. And also with regard to my existing child theme, thanks.



    Okay… Note that this is going to affect any tables you later add to your site. But, it’s the easiest way I can think of with that monster code you have 🙂

    Anyways, add these two elements to your child style.css file:

    table td, table th, table tr {
    border: none;
    .entry-content img, .child-page img {
    border: none;



    Ta, Josh, a couple of questions connected with that:

    There are 2 child theme files that Syahir created when he did a child theme for us (1000px wide version is all); style.css & functions.php. Which one do I insert this code into?

    Please elaborate on “that monster code” — as I thought (non-tech POV) it looked pretty mean & clean from the Affiliate Network process that generated the javascript?

    PS You’ve been a busy bloke since you came onto the forum a couple of weeks ago. Good show, mate.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Add it to your style.css file.



    Thank ya, thank ya. What can I say… when I see something genuine and remarkable, I tend to stick with it.

    “Monster Code” = I was just implying that’s a BIG table.



    Thanks, Josh & Kenneth, for NOT reminding me I missed Josh’s original instructions for “which file”. Must have been a bit brain-drained today from too much text input!

    Okay, I’ve done the changes, cleared the cache, had a look & decided to keep the image border only, & the page looks great now. Just what the doctor ordered. Much appreciated for your assistance, folks.

    Josh, regarding big table, lots of products:

    Well, our Internet experience tells us “speed to market” is the single most important factor for both businesses & customers. When people are looking to buy, they/we all want multiple choices & minimal time wasted finding those choices & easy ways to buy & receive delivery of our chosen merchandise. Since this webpage loads from the top down, visitors can start looking right away, scrolling down to see more — until that magical “buying hand” clicks the mouse button on an image or link to get the goods.

    Right now my biggest problem is: waiting for the AffSolutions tech person to get back to me to tell me/fix why, when we click on a link, we get an “Invalid Publisher Code, Offer, or Publisher – Advertiser Partnership Status” error message — instead of going to the merchant product page to see more/buy.

    If I showed you the sites we’ve made odd sales on so far (without really trying or even finishing them), you’d really be surprised, haha! Anyway, I hope to get this one fully operational this week & use it as a split-test against 2 more conventional ECommerce websites on Graphene.

    Shall give you a heads-up to have another look then. Again, keep up the good work, & you too, Syahir, if you read this.



    Not sure what you mean but, if you go under the graphene options in the back of the website and change the colours under display you can change the colors. The 1st one is wrap text and if this is what you want you can look at a website that I am working on currently.



    Ken, I like this guy. Where’s he been hiding??

    Thanks Brent. A pleasure to meet you. I enjoy reading your responses.

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