How to remove Graphene_before_post_content ads in the frontpage excerpts?

  • MarkStunningwildlife


    Hi people,

    Absolutely loving the graphene theme and all its awesome functions! 🙂

    But i have a question: How to remove Graphene_before_post_content ads in the frontpage excerpts?

    I’ve been trying to ad google adsense advertisements at the beginning and end of every seperate post bij using the action hook widget areas:



    I have put ads in these areas using the standard Text widget, (still blanc for now) And it seems to work very well!

    However i don’t want the ads showing up in the excerpts of every excerp on the front page..

    Is there a way to remove these action hook widget areas from the standard graphene excerpts?



    Also the checkboxes of in the advanced option tab of loop.php and single-loop.php seem to be linked to each other.


    Syahir Hakim


    Yeah, some of the action hooks share the same name because they have the same position with regards to the theme’s layout. This makes it easy if one wants to add say a social sharing button in all the posts regardless of whether it’s the single post view or the archive view.

    You can fine tune where widgets appear by using the Widget Logic plugin.



    Hey thank you for the quick reply!

    I saw the plugin and it works to remove the appearance of the widget on these areas on the frontpage but after that i can’t make them appear on the single posts.

    I am having trouble to figure out the right combination of conditions

    How do i need to fill in these condition tags?:

    is_single ()

    is_front_page ()

    is_home ()



    Wait it solved now,

    by only usin

    is_single () its solved… i don’t know why, but it worked

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