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    Ok, I found where to check the box to “hide” posts dates in the “graphene options” “display” tab, but how do I go about removing the date so that it will not show up in the search engines? For example, in Google my site is on the first page and in the description area of the results for my page it has the date Feb. 9, 2012. I want to get rid of that so it will not show up in the search engine results. I tried searching for ways to do this and found that most people talk about removing the script line “<?php the_time(__(‘F jS, Y’, ‘your theme name’)) ?>” but I can’t find it anywhere (looked in index.php, page.php, etc.)




    I think you can use the SEO by Yoast plugin to actually “write” how you want your google descriptions to appear. This would be a MUCH better option than changing theme files.



    All-in-one seo already does that for me. The date is like out to the left of the description in a faded grey color like you see on many sites in google. Will the yoast plugin even affect that because all-in-one don’t.

    I removed it once before in the theme files on a prior site that uses graphene but can’t remember where to save my life.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Ultimately, though, you have no control over what a search engine decides to display on their site. You could finally get things the way you want when they decide to change their algorithms, and then it’s back to square 1.



    Well, I know on a site that I still have with graphene, I did something whether it be a wp date removal plugin or removed a line of script when I had this problem and the date went away the next time Google crawled my site, so I know it is possible. Just gotta figure out where and what.

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