How to remove blue link titles, date, and author when someone clicks on blog post?

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    I reinstalled an author box plugin and this issue that I had fixed again randomly appeared all over again.

    I forgot what I did to fix it, so I am seeking help.

    I want to remove the whole blue title and what’s with it when someone clicks on a blog post. It shows above the clicked blog post as: the date, it says “by Ian Izaguirre”, gives a blue link title of the article, and a little calendar icon along with some tags of where the article appears.

    Thank you for all of your help

    Example post



    I removed the title part by using this but then I noticed it does not work because it will also hide the titles on the blog archive ?

    .post-title entry-title  { display: none; }
    .entry-title {

    Any help ?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Okay, WordPress makes this easy for you.

    If you look at the <body> tag of single posts, you will notice that they have a class of .single. This class is only applied to single posts.

    So you can modify your above code like this:

    single .post-title entry-title  { display: none; }
    .single .entry-title { display:none; }

    That means that the above codes will only apply to single posts.

    WordPress does this in lots of other ways, too. Poke around a bit and you’ll find wonderful ways to effect your changes just using CSS.



    wow thank you that worked perfectly, but theres still the by author, little calendar, and tags on the top of each single post that I need to remove.

    I tried this to remove whats leftover but nothing took effect?

    .single .post-meta clearfix { display:none; }

    Kenneth John Odle


    Use Firebug to figure out the exact classes they are contained within and then use the same technique.



    Its not working for <p class=”post-author author vcard”> or for the date, but I got the meta tag one to work, any ideas why?

    .single .date updated alpha { display:none; }
    .single .post-author author vcard { display:none; }

    Thanks for your help



    I found out how to remove the author by using this that works

    This did not :

    .single .post-meta {

    This Did work even though it also takes out the by author on the blog achieve I am fine with that

    .post-meta {

    But I am still lost with the date icon that appears on the top left? any suggestions ?

    Thank you for the help

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