How to remove Archives & Meta boxes from left sidebar

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    We’re new to setting up a business site using wordpress, found the Graphene theme and really like it. I’ve tweaked what I can, but now I need some help, please.

    How do I remove the Archives and Meta boxes from my sidebar (on the left)? I have a few widgets I want to use there, which I know how to do, but I can’t seem to delete the built-in boxes. (Don’t know if I should call them widgets or not.)

    Also, under general WP settings, I put a title for the page. But now in Graphene, that title runs on top of the header I placed, which already has a graphic title in it. How do I get the title not to show on top?

    The site is Thanks so much for your help.



    Syahir Hakim


    Those are the default widgets that are displayed if there is no widgets being used. Just add some widgets to your sidebar, and they should disappear.

    For the header, in Appearance > Header there’s an option to remove the header text.



    Dear Syahir how to add two tables to the left side bar


    Syahir Hakim


    Use the “Text” widget, and insert your table HTML codes inside it.

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