How to remove Adsense ads 2 and 3, leave only the 1st one working

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    Right now my site looks good on front page and post page, but archives/categories have some problem with Adsense. They show Adsense ads below first three posts, but I need to show only “adsense-ad-1”. I use it only on post pages (below content).

    The front page has only sidebar ads and one in the footer, but they are not connected with Graphene Adsense feature.

    How can I remove adsense-ad-2 and adsense-ad-3 completely? Using “display: none” only hides them, because the other ads in the sidebar do not show up.

    Thank you!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Go into Graphene options and disable adsense.



    I want to use the Graphene Adsense feature and I need help only to disable two of three of ads represented in the theme as “adsense-ad-2” and “adsense-ad-3”


    Syahir Hakim


    This topic might help point you in the right direction:



    Thanks for that topic. I tried to make it work with the action hook, but I just don’t have knowledge to do that. I created functions.php for my child theme, but it just broke the whole site. I also couldn’t find any tutorial.


    In fact I’ve found another solution – I used the “visibility” option in in widgets with adsense ads and set them to hide on all categories, so the three ads after the first three posts could stay (visitors usually scroll down in categories, so showing ads in the middle of the content seems to be a better idea). Thanks anyway.

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