How to remove a post from static front page

  • cyclinq


    Hi, there

    I am one of million fans of this theme.

    I have been trying to remove a post article from my static top page so that I can leave only the slider and some widget on my top page.

    I have looked at this article below and tried it, however it does not seem to be working.

    (being novice, I may be trying wrongly though)

    could anyone please help?

    Kind regards,




    You Must have One Page On Static Front Page in WordPress,

    Well, Then make it Welcome/Info Your Viewers, right 🙂



    Syahir Hakim


    Try add this into the Custom CSS or your child theme’s style.css file:

    .home .page{
    display: none;

    PS: That “I want to remove this section” on your home page makes me loled. Wasn’t expecting that at all 😀



    Thanks mate! it works!

    Yeah, Syahir I knew you would visit my site so I left message there to make sure you understand my query. 🙂

    Thanks Kim, yes I may put it back as Welcome/info in the future.

    For now, my question has been answered perfectly and so promptly.



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