How to remove a page from being shown in search results.

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    I have created a page which has all the information regarding payments and i don’t want this page to show up when someone types “Payment Methods(My page title)” in the search box. Before publishing it, i checked “NOARCHIVE this page/post:” and “noindex, nofollow” and all other checkboxes but when i type the query in my search box it is still showing up. How to remove this page from search results and from appearing in search engines?


    Vaibhav Bathla


    Kenneth John Odle


    You can always use a robots file, but remember that you have no control over what pages a search engine decides to list. So it may not work for all search engines.



    Hi Kenneth

    I am using a robots.txt plugin and i have added a code in it to not index this page but how can i remove this page from the search results in my own website. My main concern is with my own website’s search box which is on the top right corner. How can i remove this page from my website’s search results.


    Vaibhav Bathla

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