How to recreate images for the slider?

  • gogetit



    I have a new WordPress site, in which posts have been migrated from another platform.

    In the silder, none of the old posts show an image (even not when I choose first image in the article). New posts are showing just fine. My question is how do re-create the thumnails? I have no problems modifying the code if needed, just tell me wow and where.

    EDIT: One more thing to add. Since the posts were imported, the images aren’t in WordPress’ media. So plugins like “AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild” don’t catch them. I hope it’s still possible by modifying the code. I was thinking about the function: graphene_get_slider_image, but I would like to make sure of that.


    Prasanna SP


    If the images aren’t in the WordPress media, you would need to edit each post and set slider image URL manually.


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