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  • maywind


    Hi, how do i put image on every post at homepage graphene themes, my featured image that i already set, is not show up.How do i fix this problem?



    Where it is not appearing? On homepage excerpts or is it not replacing the header image?

    If it is the first case, try adding <img> in Graphene options –> Display –> Excerpt display options –> Retain these HTML tags in excerpts

    Edit: It shows all the images in excerpt. So it works, but not in the right way. I’ve no idea about your problem. Can you explain a bit more?



    I use ‘insert more tag’ in every post to show some of my post in my homepage, and i use featured image in my every post, but it’s not shown up in full post even in homepage (featured image should at the top of every post. I think this not this theme problem.



    This is my site:



    When using more tag, feautured image is NOT displaying in homepage or full post view, only in slider.

    Do this:

    in Graphene options/display/excerpt display options/ disable “Show More link for manual excerpts” and enable “Show excerpts in front page”



    Thank you Luko 🙂

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