how to put adsense on right side of header

  • yogot7r


    I cant figure out how to put an adsense widget on the header area to the right side of where my logo and name is.



    Go to your Graphene Advanced Options in the admin panel. Select the “header.php” file. The next part is kinda trial and error, but select one of the “hooks” from the selections.

    Now, go to your widget area, and you will see a new placement with the same name as your newly created “hook”. Insert some test text, save it, and view your site.

    Again, you may need to go back and try one of the other options. Play around with it and have fun!! 🙂



    i have tried all the hooks but none of them go to the correct place



    is there some coding somewhere i can go to and change for the header widgets?



    Well, once you use the “closest” hook, you can then use CSS to position it the rest of the way.

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