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    Hi. I’ve done a search, cannot find answers 🙂

    Graphene is a beautiful theme, it’s more intuitive than any theme I’ve tried thus far. I would like to know how I can publish a post without having it show up in the slider. I’ve tried a few things, but can’t accomplish this.

    Also I would like to know, where is the code to change placement and color of header text and subtitle on header image? I looked in header.php and style.css and cannot locate. My site is barely beginning, but it would be great to have the text moved up and in a different color.

    Oh, one more thing which is probably in this forum, sorry: how do I keep a particular post at the top of the page? I chose Sticky but the most recent post always sits on top of it. (Yes, I’m pretty much a newbie to WordPress)

    You can see what it looks like at I only put a couple hours into it this morning, but am really happy with how the theme functions. It’s very smooth and pretty easy to figure things out, other than these few tweaks I need. It’s just going to be a basic information site for the town and some merchants. Nothing fancy.

    Thanks 🙂




    Found answer to first question by going to support for Graphene at Appearance/Graphene Options/Slider Options/Show Specific Posts. Still not finding answers to other questions. Has something to do with padding; just can’t locate code. Not sure where it’s located.


    Kenneth John Odle


    where is the code to change placement and color of header text and subtitle on header image?

    Try using Firebug to identify which CSS classes are being applied to those elements. It really does work great.

    Try this code in your custom CSS or child theme stylesheet:

    .header_title {style elements;}

    .header_desc {style elements;}

    I looked in header.php and style.css

    Don’t modify theme files. Use a child theme.

    I chose Sticky but the most recent post always sits on top of it.

    That’s how WordPress works: it shows posts in order from newest to oldest. Sticky posts will be first, in order from newest to oldest. A new sticky post will always appear at the top.

    If you want a particular post to appear anywhere, you can do it with a Graphene action hook widget area and the PHP widget. If you’re interested, I’ll look into it.



    PS: be sure to check out our tips for beginners here:



    If you don’t want to show a post in the slider, publish that post in a different category and exclude that category in Graphene Options –> Slider Options –> Categories to show posts from. (Hmm.. I don’t know what sentence is there.. My imaginary string!)



    Thanks for the replies. Interesting about the post not being on top; I had kind of surmised that after a while, and decided the only way to “fix” it is to re-date it ahead of whatever I post 🙂 I’ll try the non-category option to exclude posts in the future, but for now I just took that post and made it into a page. It should be a page, anyway, because it’s really not slider material, no “pop” to it.

    Kenneth, I do use Firebug (and notepad++), but don’t always know exactly where to find what I’m looking for. This is my first truly serious foray into WordPress, because up until now all the themes I’ve tried have been non-intuitive. Graphene is a joy to work with. I’ll work with Firebug some more.

    Another newbie question: I want to get the mobile version, also. Will it work if it’s installed in a subfolder of the domain, or do I need a .mobi host?



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