How to place a logo in your header with rotating images underneath?

  • thewalt



    I would like to put the following text logo on my site:

    I would also like to keep the rotating images underneath the 3-D text. I’ve looked around and can’t find an obvious answer. Can anybody help?




    Hi thewalt,

    I’ve been trying this kind of thing myself. The way I do it is with an action hook.

    First of all, it’s best if you upload your logo image to your own website and use it from there.

    Go to Appearance > Graphene Options > Advanced. There you will find the list of action hooks. Click on header.php, and put a tick next to graphene_header. That’s the one you need. Now if you go to Appearance > Widgets, you will find a new widget called “Graphene Header” on the right. Drag a text/html from the left and into this widget, and you can put the HTML you need for your logo. It should be something like this:

    <img src="wp-content/uploads/walttext-fkZjpN9g.1337815859.gif" width="519" height="66" style="left:30px;margin-top:10px;position:absolute;">

    You should of course use the correct folder path where you saved your image instead of the example here. I don’t recommend using the binpaste link to your image (since it doesn’t work well when I try it. 🙂

    After you click save on the widget, your logo should appear on top of the header. Of course, you can adjust the position of the logo as you wish: “left” gives you the distance from the left, and “margin-top” gives you the distance from the top.

    If you need more help with action hooks, you can read a tutorial here:

    Hope this helps!



    This worked very well. Thank you very much, Kreachure. Your advice was succinct and helpful; I recommend this to anyone who asks a similar question in the future.

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