How to only display slider on home page?

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    Firstly, fantastic theme. Deserves to be paid, and will donate once it’s confirmed I’ll be using it.

    However, I’d like to be able to only display the slider on the home page, with no post or page content beneath it.

    I’ve set the front page to static page, which is fine (with a bit of custom CSS styling) to only show some text beneath the slider, but I’d also like the option to have nothing at all beneath the slider.

    I’ve searched these forums, and the only solution I’ve seen to achieve this is to set display: none on the page html in CSS, like so: .home #post-5 { display: none; } Yes, this works, but it’s a poor solution in my view, as the html for the page content is still being sent, which wastes bandwidth when it’s just going to be un-displayed in CSS. I want to prevent the html being generated in the first place.

    I’m a php developer, still learning wordpress, but I have some experience creating child themes if that’s necessary.



    Syahir Hakim


    Well, using a child theme you can create a custom page template that sidesteps Graphene’s default page template for the front page. Other than that, I can’t immediately see any other way to achieve what you want.




    I’d like to be able to do it so that I can still have all the existing home page options available, as well as the option to have nothing beneath the slider. In other words, I’d like the child theme to add this as a home page option, not simply replace the existing home page options. I’d rather not have to change to activating the parent theme in the event that requirements change in the future.

    As I said, still learning wordpress. Any tips on what you think would be the best way to incorporate this into the existing logic of graphene’s settings? And, just briefly, what files to create edits of in the child theme?

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