How to make the Twitter Widget load last

  • barbas


    Hey there I’m making a website for a non-profit using this awesome theme, and I have one question.

    Because the Twitter Widget seem to load slowly sometimes, I think it is also holding the rest of the site from loading completely so my question is:

    Is there a way to make that widget load last in the page?




    It is normal to have a slight delay when loading twitter content, the same is true for facebook content. But this is usually only about one second, sometimes two.

    How long is it taking?



    It’s not taking too long, just enough to get noticed. And besides that, if the API has problems, which is not rare, then my site would probably never load completely because of that.



    Exactly. It’s tricky with the social media sometimes.

    You might want to try a plugin or two, just to see how it compares.

    But, if you click on anyones site using twitter widgets or facebook widgets, you will see a slight delay in loading time. Especially if you look at the content during a page refresh.

    Jon Lynch


    I would recommend using a plugin that loads twitter content using javascript that is called using the window.onload. This way only a blank space is created when the page loads and the content is added dynamically later. I’ll admit I have not looked at Graphene’s widget to check it does not already do this but if you are saying that it delays page loading I expect it does not. If you look at the google news is loaded after the rest of the content using this method.



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