How to make the a menu spot into a clickable link?

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    I am trying to make the menu spot beside the Home button into a link that will lead you to the forums.

    My site is at

    I make a page with the title of: click the image to see what I am using, as this forum hides links.

    Then I use the page as a menu ,but it does not seem to be working.



    go to your wordpress dashboard

    appearance -> menus

    there you can create your custom menu easily.



    Tried that and it did not work.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Use a custom menu and add that address as a custom link. (What you have for the “title” attribute will go in the “label” box.)

    Then, add the menu you create to “header menu” under “Theme Locations”.


    Kenneth John Odle


    as this forum hides links.

    It took me a minute to realize what you meant here.

    This forum parses any code you paste, unless you enclose it in backticks or between <code> and </code> tags.

    This line is between backticks:

    <a href="" title="Forums"></a>

    This is why we ask that people enclose code—whether it’s css, html, or php (or whatever)—between backticks.

    The backtick button is here (usually):

    If you just type a url (without any html tags around it), the forum will render it as a clickable link. This line is exactly what you see:

    Hope this helps.



    Ok that worked. Thanks

    How do I change the menu text colour?

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