How to make my site look better?

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    Any suggestions on how to make my site look better?



    I’m not an expert in this field. But I’ve some suggestions for you,

    1. If you’re the only one author in your site, then hide “post author’s gravatar” or change your Gravatar.

    2. Decrease the facebook widget width to around 230px. It is flowing out of the widget area.

    3. Change widget header top and bottom gradients. Green and red never matches..



    4. If you’re the only one author in your site, then hide “Log In” from the menu.

    5. Let Android App Showcase look like the other items in the menubar.

    6. Don’t post Ads

    7. If you really the necessity to post Ads, than with a height of max. 200px.

    8. Write your postings in Standart-Fontsize.


    Kenneth John Odle


    9. A less cluttered header image

    10. Take some of the padding out of your writing: “This blog is not about Sasktel…” instead of “I would like to add that don’t worry this blog is not about Sasktel…” (Yes, I’m an English teacher.)



    I made the suggested changes.

    The ads are not posts, I have a plugin that post ads in between my posts.

    And the Android App showcase looks like it does cause its a link.


    Kenneth John Odle


    You don’t need a plugin to put google ads between posts; Graphene supports this natively. Just sign up for Google adwords and select the size that best fits into Graphene’s theme, then paste the code in Graphene’s options. Works great!



    Yeah that is what I am using, that is what I meant to say.


    Kenneth John Odle


    In that ca, you can try changing the ad size to a banner (468×60), which will not leave as much white space.



    I have made some changes. What does everybody think?



    I’m no expert, but I think it’s looking great! The header image looks a little generic, like stock image. It doesn’t look personal or site related. Also, you could tweak the calendar a bit to fit the widget space better, like I did on my site. Those are my suggestions after a quick glance.

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