how to make link click on "continue reading"

  • giuliano108


    refer on the problem above, i have a question to ask, how can i make the link to “continue reading” if my artikel is so long, so the clik button of ‘continue reading” will deliver readers to the article at the full post. can you see it at my blog,


    thank you


    Syahir Hakim


    Er…the URL to the website you gave above yields a 404 error page…

    But I suspect you can achieve what you want using the <!–more–> tag in the WordPress editor. There’s a button called “Insert More Tag” in that you can use that will insert the tag above at the position of the cursor in the post’s content.



    hehe sorry, because i reading on manual/introduction on, i read on excert,(if the word long to 55 word, it will make the link to continue reading, actually my blog is crashing after i make change on funtion.php, you can visit, and see, the posting have “continue reading –>” if you notice




    owh ok, tq very much. i already get it, because of this i crash my own blog. hehe

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