How to make excerpts smaller?

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    I want to make the excerpts smaller on the home page ( my site is:

    What I mean is, something like this delicous blog:

    I really hope I’m not being dense here, as I’ve had a really good search through the forum and I like to think I can figure these things out, but I’m stuck!

    What I’m trying to achieve is so that I have a slider image on the page, but because I want punchy excerpts for the slider I also need to compress the size of the excerpts underneath, so that they’re smaller and easier to flick through down the page.

    does that make sense? your help is much appreciated – apologies if I missed the answer on here.

    Also, any general feedback is welcome:


    Kenneth John Odle


    Activate the Graphene homepage panes options.



    What if you aren’t using a static front page?



    now I’m being really thick, but won’t I lose the slider?

    I will read through this Word Press article more thoroughly later on today:

    But at first glance, it’s talking about creating a new home page and one of the main reasons I like the Graphene theme so much is the magnificent slider… obviously it can be done, because it works here.

    I’ll have a read through the Word Press and (GIYF it), but I’m still stuck can I reply again to this post?

    Thanks for now,



    You won’t lose slider when you switch to static front page.





    I don’t know why I thought that… cheers for all your help.

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