how to make comments stay?

  • evelyn



    I just lost the comments again on my page

    I have been battling this and because I am new to WP and your theme, I was blaming it on my own errors. But now they disappeared again and I am not aware I’m doing anything to cause it.

    I also had some settings change while I was working with the posts. My uploaded photo header reverted to the default, my custom blank menu got de-selected. and my custom background color reverted to default.

    Not sure what could have caused that to happen?




    Syahir Hakim


    I see that your front page is showing just one post, which is the latest post. Posts that are displayed on the front page don’t have their comments displayed. This is the default WordPress behaviour.

    As for the settings being reset, this is usually caused by changing themes, including changing to/from a child theme, which is also a default WordPress behaviour.



    Is there any way to override it? I see other wordpress blog that have a “leave a comment” tag on the front page. I know that you can do it. ILOVETHISTHEME! I believe in you!

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